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Once upn a time There was a girl She's been loving a boy For a long long time.Or maybe we shall call it "Secretly Admire".Secretly the girl loved the boy.She sometimes passed by the boy's classroom-Only to shoot a glance at him.这是前9行的 等下给你后面的翻译

In the morning we got together at the school gate at eight. Then we took the school bus to the People's Park.

Wife: I Miss you, sleep. Ca-caw ~ also ignore me, go to bed? I'm all alone

I am a member of nine grade fifteen class ,I like English ,I have been learning English for five years .athough my grades are just so so , I always reading book and listenning to recode , I have some experience now .I think listening to English songs is

国家标准中文名翻译成英文名方法 直接把中文名字翻译成汉语拼音作为英文写法!很典型的例子,奥运会上,所有中国运动员的名字在运动衣上都是这样翻译的(以前不是,后来国家颁布了《汉语拼音方案》,并解释到《汉语拼音方案》是拼写

Abstract: English is today the most international language, English-speaking people in the world's most widely distributed. Along with social progress, English in our country's position in various fields has become increasingly important. Learn the

one day of mine i usually get up at six twenty-five, and have breakfast myself.i go to school by bike. the morning class begins at seven twenty, and the class at eight o'clock.there are four classes in the morning!when i arrive home, it is twelve o'clock,

http://www.google.cn/language_tools?hl=zh-CN 这里把,如果是论文的话,建议翻了再修改,工具翻译的比较垃圾

(军人,士兵)翻译成英语:soldier/army (有耐心的)翻译成英语: patient (容易地)翻译成英语:easy (教)翻译成英语:teach (推迟)翻译成英语:postpone

I would like to use this activity to improve my English and communicative competence, I want to be in a happy family 满意请采纳 ~

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