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adopt / dpt ; dpt / 英 / dpt /adopt an approach/policy/attitude etcto start to deal with or think about something in a particular way 采用某种方法/政策/态度等1) The courts were asked to adopt a more flexible approach to young

in english.

方法的英语是 way, method 手段可用 means

It differs a lot with new method

.一般现在时 the present tense 2.一般过去时 the past tense 3.一般将来时 the future tense 4.一般过去将来时 the past future tense 5.现在进行时 the present continuous tense 6.过去进行时 the past Continuous Tense 7.将来进行时 the future

英语里问“怎么样?”最常见的表达为“What/How about?”.此外,用于询问对方“你认为怎么样”的表达方式有如下几种:1. What/How about? 2. How/What do you think of/about? 3. How do you like…? 4. What do you think of…? 5. What's your opinion about…?6. What's your view/outlook on…?7. What's your attitude towards…?8. How do you feel about…?

study learn都是学习的意思, 如we study english. we learn english.我们学习英语

请说英语 Please speak in English.

d better consult the lawyer about this taskpair adaptpersonalinsistsacrificesacredgainannoyThe decision he had made to learn English surprised us a lot.You'.The good news is that annoyness can be controled by some ways.What they pursue is profit .希望能帮到你

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