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是关于什么的?我就先写一篇吧 my favourite day hello! my name is mike .i am a happy boy.my favorite day is friday.because friday is the most happy day.i get up at 6:00.then go to school with my good friend.from 7:20 to 8:00 is a chinese .i like it,

①MY BIRTHDAY 我的生日 Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and

My School life My name is Beth. I\'m 14 years old, and I study in No. 1 Middle School of Hui\'an. My school is very big and beautiful. I\'m very happy in the school. I usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. then I do morning exercises in the

Cars or Bikes? Cars and bicycles are similar in that they are both privately owned means of transport. In other words, they have in common the fact that the owner can decide when and where to go. However, there are a lot of difference between

As is well known, books teach us to learn life, truth, science and many other useful things. They increase our knowledge, broaden our minds and strengthen our character. In other words, they are our good teachers and wise friends. This is the

My Spring Festival My Spring Festival is special. My uncle and my aunt came back from Shanghai. My family were very happy to keep the Spring Festival with them. And it was the most exciting festival of all the festivals. On New Year's Eve, my

FriendshipI think that friendship is the most beautiful thing in the world.It's something as clear as crystal.It's not a skill but a true feeling.When something troubles you,your

My school lifeMy school life is busy and interesting. We usually have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. Class begins at eight in the morning and one thirty in the afternoon. We have ten minutes rest between two classes. I often

The GSS has started about 1 month ago, and now then only managed to get myself some free time to do alittle shopping. Below are my buys for the dayMy first ZxRx Shirt. I have wanted to get myself something from ZxRx ever since this brand

My course is not good at English because the word back is very boring, I'll will overcome it, and learn English. Because to learn English, told me later on in life is very helpful. My dream is to be an English teacher, so English is very important in my

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