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Today is sunday ,I get up early because I want to play sports .I wear my T-shirt and my shorts.Then I go to the playground to play ping-pong with Peter.We are happy .After that ,we eat breadfast .I like drinking milk but he likes drinking juice .At 10:00,

My last weekend Last weekend , it was a good day and a bad day . Here is the good news . I went to the park with my brother . They were very nice : the blue sky , the green trees , the red flowers and many fish . It was a windy day , I flew kites with my

Learning Chinese just like learning other language, is hard work so if the foreigners wants to learn Chinese well they'd better spend lots of time on it every day and take every opportunity to practice using Chinese. If they take Chinese course, they

(1)Money(金钱) Money is indeed important,but money cannot buy everything.If you (3)My Idol(我的偶像)XX is my favorite pop singer.He can speaks both English and

I did lots of things during winter vacation. I did homework everyday for 3 hour. After that, I went out to play badminton with my friends. I felt I am healthier than before. I also watch news everyday to know what is happening. In my free time, I helped my

the Spring Festival is the most important celebration for Chinese people. Although the meaning and the methods of celebration of the Spring Festival are changing with the time, the important status of the Spring Festival is incomparable.Chinese

My last weekendLast weekend ,it was a good day and a bad day .Here is the good news .I went to the park with my brother .They were very nice :the blue sky ,the green trees ,the red flowers and many fi

I had a very busy day. First of all I overslpet and by the time I got up, my brother had already taken a shower, So I had a quick shower. And then I ate breakfast.However,by the time I went to the bus station,the bus had already left.So I had to run to

Dear friend, I konw you are arriving next Saturday.Let me tell you the way to my house.Take a taxi from the Changjing Hotel.You pass a post pffice on your left.You get to Green Avenue.Then go straight.When you see a big library,turn tight.And then go

1.I have a friend.His name is Tom.He is a very interesting person.And everyone love him.2.He was born in China,He could speak Chinese,English and Japanese,Because his father is English and his mom is a Japanese.3.He was good at playing

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