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concentrate on sth

learn to do i have learned how to do(动词) something(某事).我已经学会怎么做某事

“计划做某事” "Plan to do something"

表示当前计划或打算干某事,用(将来 )时态,构成标志(be gong to )(will+动词原形)(shall+动词原形)



原本打算做某事 had planned/intended to do sth

主语+be going to+动词原形+其他He is going to buy a new CD after school.They are going to visit their teacher tomorrow.I am going to play football after school.She is going

现在时should do过去时should have doneintend ,plan不能表达 未能做 的含义,这里只能用虚拟语气

英语表达“我想……(做某事)”有哪些说法?I want to ; I 'd like ;还有其他说法么?(1) I want to do sth (2) I would like to do sth (3) I intend to do sth (4) I feel like doing

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