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Han Hong (Simplified Chinese: 韩红; Traditional Chinese: 韩红) is a Chinese singer and songwriter of ethnic Tibetan and Han Chinese origin. She is one of the most famous female singers in China, and has maintained her diva status since

ntic and beautiful language, if you want to become good at it, you have to 'appreciate' it first! Languages have many ways to express themselves to people, we may speak them, write them and sing them. The lyrics composed by people are also

Everybody is good. I'm HanGong. I am a singer. I is famous for the holy ", "light", and so on. I usually like to surf the Internet. Singing. Running, and so on.



In 1995, by writing songs "himalaya" CCTV music television contest first prize in the bronze medal. In 2003, won the fifth CCTV music festival is the most popular female singer, gradually attention; In 2005 with diva "creat" won one of my

fat,enthusiastic,responsible 再看看别人怎么说的.

Han Hong is a student in a middle school. She is great at English. She often listens to the English programs by radio. She likes the English programs, especially English

l"m ming ren

作文翻译:My name is Han Hong. I am in Guangming middle school. I have been studying in the school for three years. I like English very much and I am good at English. I often listen to English programs on the radio in order to improve my English

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