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真好!今天是重阳节,而重阳节又叫老人节,所以我决定做一张贺卡送给最爱我的人外婆. 首先我拿来一张绿色的彩色卡纸,从中间对折了一下,用剪刀在中间剪了桃心形的一半,不剪完,这样打开就有立体感了,在桃心里面写上“99重

重阳节,又称“踏秋”,汉族传统节日.庆祝重阳节一般会包括出游赏景、登高远眺、观赏菊花、遍插茱萸、吃重阳糕、饮菊花酒等活动.每年的农历九月初九日,也是中国传统四大祭祖的节日 .重阳节早在战国时期就已经形成,到了唐代,

Dear Tony,Chongyang,the traditional Chinese festival for the elderly,is coming around.We are planning to visit the Nursing Home to celebrate the speeial day, and we would like to invite students from your school to join us.… Looking forward to your

The Double Ninth Festival day of the ninth lunar month The "Chong Yang Festival" is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, and it is as such known as the Double Ninth Festival. Origins: The festival began as early as the Warring

Yesterday was Double Ninth Festival. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother traveled to Jinan with a group tour. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the

The Double Ninth Festival in September 9th. The Double Ninth Festival is a traditional, like to eat dinner together. Several about good food, the end to a table. As night fell, lights shine, people drink chrysanthemum wine, Erguotou, eat a meal, to join

农历九月九日,为传统的重阳节.因为古老的《易经》中把“六”定为阴数,把“九”定为阳数,九月九日,日月并阳,两九相重,故而叫重阳,也叫重九,古人认为是个值得庆贺的吉利日子,并且从很早就开始过此节日. 在古代,民间在重

The Double Ninth Festival, the annual the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar day, is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation.重阳节,为每年的农历九月初九日,是中华民族的传统节日.In ancient times, there were customs

Double Ninth Festival is a traditional festival of China. In the day, we often help some 也谢谢你,我也正要写一篇关于重阳节的日记.


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