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completed adj.完整的,包含全部内容的; v.完成; 使完善 来自英语牛人团,望采纳,谢谢你了哦!

completed:已完成同义词:finished, settled, completed

terminated提前终止,completed按计划完成,Active正在进行,not recruiting不再招募,已入组患者继续随访,并对数据进行最终的统计分析处理.


complete的过去式 意思:完成,结束;使完美,使完整

completed英 [km'plitd]美 [km'plitd]v. 完成(complete的过去分词)adj. 完整的;完全的

required review completed 审稿结束,等编辑处理,该过程短则几天,长则无期,科学堂有一篇文章出现required review completed状态已近一个月了,还是没有消息.以后的步骤:6. decision in process 到了这一步就快要有结果了,编辑开始考

Reviews Completed 完成的审查(评论)Reviews回顾双语对照例句:1.Hotels need to establish a process for tracking new reviews. 酒店需要建立一个追踪最新评论的流程.2.Cfius reviews are highly classified. 外国投资委员会的评估内容高度保

Reviews Completed的中文翻译 Reviews Completed 审查完成 双语例句 1 These reviews will be completed in 2009. 审查将于2009年完成. 2 One report was published and the remaining reports from the reviews already completed were at various stages of preparation. 公布了一份报告,其他业已完成的审评报告正在编写的各个阶段.


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