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He answered the question correctly.他正确地回答了问题.

我..知..道 加..我..私..聊

think correctly 正确地思考 双语例句1 A favourable thinking environment is a bridge for the students to thinkcorrectly and find out problems. Therefore, we should create a favourablethinking environment to raise the students 'reasoning abilities

分类正确率例句释义:全部,分类正确率1.In the first experiment looking barks into different situations, the softwarecorrectly classified the barks in 43 .在第一个实验中,他们将狗叫根据不同情况进行分类,这个软件的准确率高达43%.2.A

make sure you insert your code correctly确保正确插入你的代码.

联系就是两个都是副词,意思不一样,clearly是清楚第,如:You should speak it clearly. correctly是正确地.如:He answered it correctly


perfect 英 ['pfkt] 美 ['pfkt] adj. 完美的;最好的;精通的 vt. 使完美;使熟练 n. 完成式 n. (Perfect)人名;(英)珀费克特 双语例句:1.His perfect performance killed the audience. 他完美的表演征服了所有的观众.2.We have fastened on a perfect place for our holiday. 我们已经挑中了一个理想的地方去度假.3.The audience was knocked over by her perfect performance. 观众为她的完美演技深深感动了.

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